Fingerprint-Based Background Checks

Biometrics and Background Checks

Modern businesses use fingerprint-based background checks to hire, retain, and advance the very best people. A fingerprint-based background check researches the criminal and non-criminal fingerprinting history of an individual. Sterling Identity is one of only a handful of organizations that the FBI allows to channel fingerprints for this kind of background check. If your organization is allowed to run such background checks for some or all of your employees, Sterling Identity can collect these fingerprints and return results to your authorized recipients.

Better yet, while most companies take at least 24 hours to return these results, we do it in minutes.

Sterling Identity provides the largest single-sourced network of fingerprinting locations in the US. Whether you work with us for the entire hiring process, or whether we integrate into a system you already have in place, Sterling Identity is the fastest, most convenient business fingerprinting partner you’ll find.

We can help with your traditional fingerprinting needs too.

If your business or candidates require traditional ink fingerprints, we can help — learn about the Hard Card Process for Employment here.

Your FINRA fingerprinting needs covered.

Verify and update your FINRA CRD record to make sure your FINRA CRD records match the FBI and FINRA.

If you are completing a hard card for FINRA purposes, please follow these FINRA Hard Card instructions.

FBI record checks draw from

law enforcement

Here’s How It Works

1Provide candidate information

Sterling Identity’s representatives work with your background provider to seamlessly integrate into your hiring processes.

2Invite candidates to
submit fingerprints

After we receive each candidate’s biographical information, we email them information about how to get their fingerprints captured. They choose a convenient location, usually no more than 30 minutes away. A trained and certified technician helps them capture their fingerprints on our state-of-the-art equipment.

3Receive candidate

Sterling Identity delivers fingerprint-based results fast, keeping your time to hire as short as possible.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy integration with your HR systems using our API
  • Simplified onboarding process for background providers and their customers
  • Best and most responsive customer support in the industry—both for you and your applicants and employees