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Fingerprinting that’s Convenient, Safe, and Fast

Biometrics and Background Screening

At Sterling, we help companies stay safe, and we know people make the difference. Our name-based background checks are the foundation on which you can build trust in who you’re hiring. 

But names, even identities, can be stolen or fraudulent. Over 82,000 cases of employment or tax-related fraud were discovered in 2017 alone (source). For jobs that require the highest level of trust, you need the highest level of assurance.

That’s where fingerprint-based background checks come in. 

A fingerprint-based background check researches the criminal and non-criminal fingerprinting history of an individual. Sterling Identity is one of only a handful of organizations that the FBI allows to channel fingerprints for this kind of background check. If your organization is allowed to run such background checks for some or all of your employees, Sterling Identity can collect these fingerprints and return results to your authorized recipients.

Better yet, while most companies take at least 24 hours to return these results, we do it in a matter of minutes.

85% of fingerprint-based reports ordered through Sterling Identity are returned in less than 10 minutes.

Fingerprinting Info Sheet


How We Help

1Securely capture fingerprints

Our Identity Network provides secure, modern facilities for people to capture and submit their fingerprints. Over 750 network locations span all 50 states and Washington, DC.

2Store and transmit data

Sterling Identity meets strict government standards for biometric data storage and transmission to ensure that private data remains private.

3Deliver results

Sterling Identity delivers FBI records as soon as they are received, often within minutes.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • The most modern fingerprinting capture on the market
  • Trained and certified technicians
  • Military-grade security to protect sensitive personal data
  • Fastest results, usually delivered in minutes
  • Best and most responsive customer support in the industry