About Sterling Identity

Trust, but Verify

Know who you’re hiring with identity and biometric-based verification.

It’s all about people.

As part of Sterling, the global leader in background and identity services, Sterling Identity shares the vision of making the world a safer place and helping you hire with confidence. Today, we help you do that by offering the best biometric and identity verification solutions available. From our national network of secure, modern facilities that give your candidates the best possible fingerprinting experience, to our identity verification services that provide assurance that you’re hiring who you think you’re hiring, Sterling Identity is here to help you hire better.


Kristin Tomic

Kristin Tomic

Director, Client Svcs and Field Ops

Kristin Tomic became Sterling Identity’s Director of Field Operations and Customer Service in 2018 after 10 years as an administrator and senior team leader. She brings experience in a wide variety of areas – from sales operations to customer service to account management – to the executive team.

Kristin has managed identity, credentialing and fingerprinting partner services at scale in nationwide deployments for nearly a decade. Now, she oversees customer support and field operations to ensure that Sterling Identity’s partners, clients, and individual applicants find success.

Kristin loves customer feedback and looks forward to constantly improving and growing Sterling Identity’s services and product offerings.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

VP, Product & Technology

Chris Evans is Sterling Identity’s VP of Product & Technology. He leads an amazing team of people responsible for the hardware and software that create our customer experiences. He strives to create a team culture that is not just focused on, but obsessed with, making customers happy.

Chris has been professionally involved in the software industry for over 15 years, building and defining products for industries ranging from banking to government. He also has over 10 years’ experience delivering fingerprint-based solutions for the Department of Defense and FBI.

Chris’ expertise includes secure, scalable SaaS offerings, cloud-based technologies, DevOps and continuous delivery, and general software development practices.

Taylor Liggett

Taylor Liggett

VP, Business Development

Taylor Liggett is Sterling Identity’s VP of Business Development. He has over a decade of experience in the background screening and fingerprinting space, both domestically and internationally. Prior to Sterling Identity, Taylor led the account management operation for multiple divisions of ADP and has experience working with a broad range of organizations, from small business to global multinationals. He currently serves as an official member of the Forbes Business Development Council.

Today, Taylor is responsible for Sterling Identity’s sales, marketing, and account management functions, while also overseeing our critically important partner ecosystem. Over 15 years of experience in both sales and service organizations informs his approach to creating lasting, beneficial partnerships and customer relationships.

Image of Matt Haugh

Matt Haugh

Director, Marketing

Matt Haugh, a Pacific Northwest native, is a veteran technology marketer who enjoys both developing strategy and executing on it. He holds an MBA in marketing and international management from Willamette University.

Matt’s technology marketing career has included work at Adobe Systems, Microsoft, Xerox, the Palo Alto Research Center, Intel, and a handful of startups. He has watched the marketing landscape change dramatically over the years and is happy to be using that insight to help Sterling Identity delight current and future customers.