Send fingerprints to a Florida agency: $24.99
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Fingerprint Services for Individuals

Sterling Identity’s fingerprint services are ideal for any individual who needs a copy of their FBI record. With nearly 800 service locations in the US, you are likely less than a 30-minute trip from one.

Whether you want to ensure that your FBI record is accurate, need the report to satisfy a requirement for non-criminal justice purposes, or need to submit your fingerprints to a Florida agency, you’ll find that our network makes the process fast, easy, and convenient.

Do you need traditional ink and paper fingerprints? We can help — learn about the Hard Card Process here.

Fast and easy fingerprinting in Florida

Fast and easy fingerprinting in Florida

Learn about sending your fingerprints to AHCA, FDLE, and VECHS agencies.

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Here’s how it works

1 Register Online

Enter your personal and payment information through our online portal. Your registration will be saved and accessible from any of our fingerprinting locations in the US.

2 Submit Fingerprints

Go to the Identity Network Kiosk that’s most convenient for you, access your registration, and follow the on-screen instructions to capture your fingerprints with the help of a trained technician.

3 Receive Results

Receive results fast, often within minutes! If you ordered your Federal Record (also called an FBI Record, criminal history, Identity History Summary, rap sheet, or police record), you can download it through your online account.

Key Benefits

  • System provides fingerprint quality feedback immediately, reducing the chance of rejection
  • Touchscreen interface is simple to use
  • Trained technicians assist you in capturing better prints
  • Emails guide you through each step: registration, fingerprinting, and results
  • No appointment necessary