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Our Technology

Smart Technology Makes Fingerprinting Simple

Getting your fingerprints taken can be daunting. Most of the systems that capture electronic fingerprints tend to be outdated, and the interface isn’t always intuitive. Often, you can’t even navigate the system yourself!

That’s why we designed our system to be simple, modern, and intuitive. We used the latest touch screen, camera, and fingerprint scanner technology to build the Identity network kiosk you’ll visit to capture and submit your fingerprints. The system also provides immediate feedback on print quality, so you can be sure you capture the best prints possible before submitting them.

Easy to Use

We designed our technology to be simple and intuitive. The system walks you clearly through every step you need to take, and the touch screen interface is as easy to use as your smart phone. Our fingerprint scanner uses the latest technology to capture your prints accurately. Finally, trained technicians are available to help with fingerprint capture, and we’ve included on-screen instructions and video tutorials where they’re needed.

Identity Network Kiosk

Smart, Fast Results

You don’t have to be a fingerprint expert to get good prints with Sterling Identity technology. We’ve built in immediate feedback on the quality of the print based on FBI-compliant standards and will let you know what needs to change for your prints to be accepted. Many people get their prints done in 5 – 10 minutes.* And our average turnaround time for a Criminal History report from the FBI is less than 10 minutes for electronic delivery.
*Approximately 2% of people cannot capture good prints electronically, so if you have difficulty, please reach out to our Support team.

Outstanding Security

As a company that grew out of serving military and government locations, we take security seriously. All information you provide is encrypted and securely transmitted where it needs to go. We verify your identity at multiple steps, and we provide safe, secure locations for the fingerprinting process itself. All FBI records are securely delivered, so only the appropriate person can access them.

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Key Technology Advantages

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Touch screen interaction
  • Instructions and tutorials embedded in our fingerprinting station
  • Emails guide you through the entire process