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Our National Network

The Most Innovative Fingerprint Network in the U.S.

At Sterling Identity, we’ve partnered with a single source of retail business service centers to build the most convenient and professional fingerprinting network in existence. Nearly 700 cities across the country in all 50 states and DC already have fingerprint locations available, and we’re growing every month.

Over 75% of the US population is within a 30-minute drive of a Sterling Identity fingerprinting location. You can find us in major city hubs and suburbs, smaller towns, malls and shipping locations, and more.

The retail business service centers we use provide safe, secure, and professional environments where people’s fingerprints can be scanned electronically – no ink and paper required. Their associates can help individuals locate the Identity Network Kiosk, get started, and capture the best fingerprints possible.

Coverage = Convenience

When we planned our Identity Network, we asked individuals and organizations what they wanted in a fingerprint provider. More than anything, people wanted convenience.

That’s why we chose a single location partner with helpful neighborhood locations located in urban and rural areas, often in places you already visit. With nearly 800 active stations in locations already (and more on the way), we help you work your fingerprinting needs into a busy schedule.

Security = Comfort

People also told us that the fingerprinting process was daunting. Often, they had to visit police or other enforcement agencies to get their prints taken. And when they didn’t, they worried that their personal information might end up in the wrong hands.

We chose our location partner carefully to offer the comfort and security you want. You’ll find our Identity Network Kiosks in professional environments with trained personnel, and we keep your information secure from registration through delivery.

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Key Network Advantages

  • Nearly 800 station locations, covering 675+ cities in all 50 states and DC
  • No appointments required
  • Safe, secure, and professional environments
  • Encrypted transmissions to protect personal information
  • Results returned quickly, often within minutes